This is an old post that accidently got deleted. “Macworld”

This is an old post that accidently got deleted. It is outdated. 

Apple is pulling the plug on Macworld. I’d like to thank Joey for tipping me off about this. Probably been going to for a while, and now they have an excuse. The economy. I mean, they have seperate things for each product, like this year. September for Ipods, October for Macs. They don’t need Macworld anymore and with the economy going down it gives them a justifiable excuse to pull the plug on the whole thing. Remember, there used to be two Macworlds, New York, and San Fransisco. They pulled the plug on New York a while ago, and now San Fran. What is interesting is that Steve Jobs is not doing the Keynote. Heart problems, anyone? Apple is Steve Jobs, Steve Jobs is Apple. Steve Jobs tells Apple to jump, Apple asks “How High”. No way is Steve not doing this for any other reason then his health. Remember in October: This is Steve Job’s blood pressure, and that is all we are going to talk about his health. And a few weeks ago, the heart attack rumor on CNN? He can’t live forever, and nothing he invents, no matter how revolutionary will make it that way. You heard it here first folks, the next CEO of Apple will be Phil Schiller. Right now he is the head of Worldwide Marketing. It all makes perfect sense. He can market. This is bad economic times. Rumor of $99 Iphones at WalMart. This guy can draw you all away from it. This kind of move, and nobody even remembers about the rumors, so when they come out to be true, everyone will be suprised. Maybe Steve isn’t sick. Maybe he is. We won’t know, we won’t see him at Macworld, but Tech Talk is predicting that something big is going to happen at the last Macworld Expo in San Fransisco.


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