Our Big Break

Today, I’m going against the format for a special report. I got to play around with the Palm Treo Pro. Now, I know that it’s been out on GSM for a while, but it’s been carrier-less, so you would have to buy it unlocked for like $ 500 and then use the—wow. As I was writing this blog on Word 2007 Word stopped working. Vista identified the problem, recovered my work, and I got back to typing away at this blog. Just wanted to mention that little tidbit.—AT&T or T-Mobile networks to work the phone. But now that Sprint is readying to unveil the Palm Treo Pro, all that will change. There will be a subsidized price, and it was going to go on sale Sunday, the 25th. But Palm and Sprint decided to delay the launch to February 15th. You may have heard the rumor that this is the case, however I know the truth. Many big companies try to go high up into the company to try to find out what the top guys know. But us here at Tech Talk with Haub, we like to see what the lower guys know. You know, the employees that convey this stuff to the consumers anyway. And because of my high status in the Tech World I got the inside scoop from a manager of a store, that the Treo Pro comes out on the 15th. I also got to play with the device. The store had one for the employees to use and to learn, and I appealed to their better nature and got to try it out for myself. This is the CDMA version, with a better processor a little less RAM and a little more ROM. I might have been one of the first people to use this phone before it comes out. The verdict? It is a very good phone. Well built, solid in the hand, a good, but small keyboard, a great screen, and Windows Mobile is actually pretty quick on this device. While I don’t really like WM, it actually complements the device. The phone looks like the Pre on the outside, sleek and rounded, and this phone has a volume rocker, a WiFi switch, a ringer switch, a mini-USB port, and a 3.5 millimeter standard headphone jack. The Pro also has Bluetooth 2.0, GPS, Office Mobile, and a great set of PIM apps. It also has a touchscreen at a resolution of 320×320. And a 3.2 Megapixel Camera. It is rumored to sell around $250 with a two year contract. I also tried out the Samsung Omnia and the Blackberry Strom. I would wait on those two, but not on the Pro. If I was going to wait on the Pro, I would wait to see what the Pre was like. Tell me what you think of the Palm Treo Pro.


One Response to “Our Big Break”

  1. cachofas Says:

    tha palm treo pro is really nice with the great windows mobile platform excellent!

    If anyone wants to see more especifications about it look here it is for latin people

    Palm Treo Pro

    Palm Centro

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